Dominic and Anne Brady founded The WoodCraft Project as a burgeoning passion to celebrate, appreciate and further explore the full life cycle of a tree, from seed to timber and creating timber products.

The WoodCraft Project operation is at Warmhill & Hengrove Woodland near Ross on Wye, some 96 acres of mixed woodland deep in the Herefordshire countryside. We work in close partnership with both the owner and the manager of Warmhill and Hengrove to plan, plant, fell, extract and use the timber produced from these woods for our unique, handmade products.

  • Beams and Cladding – for barn conversion, posts for gates, exterior cladding.
  • Gates, Fences and Handrails – Sourced from our own Sweet Chestnut.
  • Timber Structures and Buildings – Round pole, traditional peg joint frames.
  • Outdoor Furniture – Benches, tables, BBQ tables, swing seats, climbing frames.
  • Woodland Products – Green timber yurt poles, sawn shingles, spoon blanks.
  • Equestrian and Agricultural – Durable larch or chestnut enclosures, structural for stables, tractor sheds, tree guards.
  • Special Projects – based on our round pole building tech.
  • Firewood – Seasoned firewood as a by-product to our other products.