• The WoodCraft project helps manage 96 acres of mixed woodland near Ross on Wye in Herefordshire. We care for and maintain the woods and the rides, fell the trees when they need felling, extract the logs, mill the logs into usable timber or use the timber in the round to make a wide range of sustainably sourced timber products, with zero air miles, and a tiny carbon footprint (if any). We also not only offer specialist timber services, but also share what we have learned along the way by holding courses and volunteer days to introduce people to these amazing life skills and to the full life cycle of the trees themselves. From seed to end product, everything we do, is done with a passion.

• Courses and Events We aim to provide a varied and wide range of short woodland courses and volunteer days throughout the year. If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of getting involved please get in touch.

• Services: Our services are all carried out with care and passion by ourselves.

• Saw milling – Onsite & Mobile. The sawmill comes to you! How good is that? We can cut trees up to 4ft wide and as long as a tree, right where they sit, in many cases without any lifting equipment and with very limited access. Basically if we can walk around it, we can usually mill it. We use a combination of a big chainsaw mill, vertical chainsaw mill and trailered band-saw mill to cut your planks, boards and beams right there where it fell.- static. You have a lorry load of trees or just one little butt that fell down in a storm and don’t know what to do with them, you don’t want to give them to the big tree munching mills, send them to us and we will personally mill them to your specifications, taking great care to get the right cut for your particular uses. We can even then turn your timber into something that you desire should you so wish.

• Oak timber framing
New buildings –
Whether it is a porch to shelter under whilst unlocking your door ,a passive house to keep your family warm and safe, a stable or garage for your pride and joy, traditional timber framing in oak for its rustic everlasting qualities or Douglas fir for its contemporary and lighter feel is a particular passion of ours. All of our timber frames are personally designed and carried out by ourselves drawing upon your passion for your project.
Extensions – So you have always dreamed of building your own house but found that its not always practical or you own a beautiful stone cottage that you love dearly but would like a room with more light and openness. A timber frame extension is very a different beast from your normal breeze block, brick or stone structure. The whole journey and experience is organic, a creation rather than a necessity, in fact it is a world away from its very distance masonry cousins, not just in design, its tactile naturally grown structure, but also in its ecological and environmentally friendly super insulated possibilities.
Repairs – All buildings need repairs and maintenance at some point to realise their full life potential, and timber frames are no different. At the time of writing, we are currently carrying out life extending repairs to an oak framed Duchy house and a 16th century “black and white farmhouse”. The fact that the farmhouse is 400 years old stands testament to the durability of oak timber frames, unfortunately if it had of been better maintained throughout its life it wouldn’t need the major surgery that we are now embarking on. That said, by the time we have finished it should be good for at least another 400 years. If you own a traditional timber framed house, don’t leave maintenance to become major repairs or replacement, get in touch.

• Carpentry – All aspects of carpentry. Carpentry is a skill learned not only over many years, but over many generations. With over 30 years of personal experience in carpentry we can offer a full and comprehensive carpentry service whether 1st, 2nd fix or a new roof, we have a lifetimes expertise waiting to be of service to you.

• Joinery – Our in house joinery shop in the woods is expanding to ensure that we can meet your needs now and in the future, with a separate machine shop, bench workshop, and dry timber storage area we are ready to fulfill your requirements personally and efficiently to ensure that the quality of your joinery products are second to none, whether it be a kitchen table or a pair of barn doors, please get in touch for a chat.

• Environmental Timber Engineering
Raised timber walkways – for wetlands or environmentally sensitive areas are a wonderful way to gain access to an otherwise inaccessible landscape for both able bodied people and those with movement restrictions.
Bridges – Whether you require your vehicle on the other side of the brook, you need to walk across the gap in your land or you just want to create a Leonardo da Vinci inspired folly,  we can build and install an ascetically pleasing and long lasting structure.
Sign posts –  From house names to walkways, whatever the size, shape or species, if it is to be made from wood, we can help.