The WoodCraft Project is representative of the life of a tree and has grown from a tiny seed, or perhaps acorn, first born many aeons ago, ever evolving.

Dominic and Anne Brady founded The WoodCraft Project as a burgeoning passion to celebrate, appreciate and further explore the full life cycle of a tree, from seed to timber and way beyond.

25 years after following his father’s footsteps into a world of carpentry, Dominic turned his attention to different types of timber and their uses, where they came from and how they grew. Already providing carpentry services as well as joinery services for local and London based clients, Dominic also started providing a mobile saw-milling service to the people of Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, first with a chainsaw mill, then adding the band-saw mill to the repertoire. Fast forward a few years and a few counties to Herefordshire and that is where you will find us now.

The WoodCraft Project is now resident at Warmhill and Hengrove Woods near Ross on Wye, some 96 acres of mixed woodland deep in the Herefordshire countryside. We work in close partnership with both the owner and the manager of Warmhill and Hengrove to plan, plant, fell, extract and use the timber produced from these woods for our unique, handmade products. All of our products are lovingly created, drawing upon a lifetime of experience working with wood and a passion for the new challenges that working with a natural material brings. Whatever is your desire, if it is created from the beautiful and natural resource that we call wood, we would love to be involved in making it a reality.

We are constantly looking at ways to create biodiversity and an improved habitat for the wildlife and flora around us. We are currently embarking on a plan to open up the rides to natural sunlight and create areas of glade to encourage plants, insects, birds and butterflies to take up residence and create a new ecosystem. This can only be done by felling trees. We take the felling of trees very seriously and always aim to fell responsibly, balancing things out in the process. We also have a large area of sweet chestnut coppice at our disposal. This we can fell each winter, in rotation, when the tree is in a dormant state. The felling, or coppicing of the stems encourage the stool to regenerate throwing up new, stronger and more numerous stems each time. With the help of coppicing, chestnut stools can live for many hundreds of years.

Hopefully this little ramble gives you some background information about us, and conveys our passion for all things wood. If you would like to have your products crafted in our woodland workshop or green wood products whittled in the field, literally yards from where they grew, then please get in touch. We are always happy to chat about trees and what we can do with them and how to make your project a reality.

Many Thanks.

The WoodCraft Project